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Combining the Immense Power of
LinkedIn with SEO for Online Networking
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Find and be Found

Connecting you with others online by helping you find New Clients and them find you. LinkedIn is by far the biggest B2B Online Networking tool and by combining it together with SEO we will ensure you have an All-Star profile, find more New Clients and that you are found by more people more easily online.

Some of Our Services

  1. Be Found
  2. Link Building
  3. Pay Per Click
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Find

Our Testimonials (on LinkedIn Profile)

"Peter has been a great help with me on LinkedIn, giving me a good insight into how to improve my profile, use the messaging facility effectively and importantly make the most of search facilities and then to connect with people that I believe I can develop a mutually beneficial business relationship. I would heartily recommend him to persons looking for support in his field of expertise"

"My dealings with Peter have been professional and diligent, which has lead to a thorough and very appealing negotiation related to SEO packages. An enjoyable and approachable individual that will no doubt add value to your business."

"Unlike many of the Social Media experts I have met, Peter is able to combine high technical skills with a real understanding of client needs and can offer solutions which appeal to potential customers. If you are looking for someone to help you use social media in a really effective way, Peter is someone you should really get in touch with"

"He is very genuine and reliable most certainly a Go to Guy when it comes to building your online presence with LinkedIn and SEO."

"I first worked with Peter whilst he was helping us evaluate the potential of SharePoint 2010 within my business area. Peter clearly has a sound understanding of the SharePoint platform and was able to exploit the potential, relevant to our needs. What Peter left was a sound foundation on which we continue to build today. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter, I found him very adaptable with excellent personal skills and always willing to go the extra mile."